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v.196 – Ark Patch Notes | Dexless, Maplestory Guides and More! [IMG] Meet new character, Ark, and harness the power of the abyss as you switch between Flora and Specter States! Improve your game with V Care,.. v.197 – Ark: Monad Patch Notes | Dexless, Maplestory Guides and [IMG] Experience a new blockbuster adventure in multiple acts with Monad! Face down monsters with unique strategies, and experience new types of... [Updated] v.191 – Nova: Winter Bard Patch Notes | Dexless

The third and final patch of this winter's MapleStory Adventure update has been released. Titled Squad, this patch contains a new type of minigame called Maple Squad ...

Equips(/sets) that give %HP without potential? Silent Crusade pendant is another 10%, only 2 pendant slots but that one is completely free (and also super easy to get compared to the other pendants). I'll update the first post for anyone else looking for a list of %HP stuff I guess.

Where do i get this 2nd pendant slot and is it permanent? If not, is it possible to make it permanent on reboot? jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popular-all-random-users | ... [Reboot]2nd pendant slot (self.Maplestory) submitted 2 years ago by calc2isfun. Where do i get this 2nd pendant slot and is it permanent? If not, is ...

V.186 – Override: Evolve is live as of June 21. Click here to read the patch notes!

Storage NPCs (also known as banks/storages within Maplestory) are great places to store and transfer mesos and multiple items between characters.In MapleSEA, there is a Cash Shop item that adds more slots of Storage NPC. It costs 8,000 A-CASH and one adds 4 extra slots.

Changes I want to see in MapleStory - MapleStory Changes I want to see in MapleStory. Invulgo. Reactions: 4,330. Posts: 539. ... I mean I agree with everything but sometimes you just need to be extra specific for those unfamiliar with the game. . . . . . ... -nx related > add the ability to buy permanent hyper tele rock and permanent pendant slot. (Been ages ago i have seen this -note i'm an ...